The Kee-seal Story

   Some years idea was formulated that would revolutionize the piping bag industry! Integrating the qualities of a canvas piping bag into a sterile hygienic disposable plastic piping bag. That idea has now come to fruition!
So innovative, it is patented!

   Allan & Gunilla Ejeblad, and their team of leading plastics industry specialists, formulated a blend of specialty plastic resins, along with a unique manufacturing process, to first create Kee-seal Disposable Piping Bags.

   For over 10 years, pastry chefs, bakers, cake artists and caterers around the world have been using Kee-seal Disposable Piping Bags. Professionals require a high-quality sterile piping tool that is easy to use, and holds up all day long under high-pressure.

   Kee-seal Disposable Piping Bags meets this challenge and many cake decorators, sugar artists and pastry chefs proclaim KEE-Seal as the #1 piping bag in the world! The Kee-seal factory team has remained laser focused on producing just one item - the World's Best Piping Bag!

   Recently, Allan & Gunilla developed another patented revolutionary enhancement for Kee-seal. Their goal? Making Kee-seal's exterior even more gripable with a unique textured surface, able to perform - even when hands become wet! Users who refused to give up canvas/vinyl bags have given them up for NEW Kee-seal ULTRA!

  AWARD-WINNING Kee-seal ULTRA! Already a HUGE SUCCESS in Europe, and NOW AVAILABLE to North America!

   There has never before been the textured feel of canvas on a disposable piping bag - until now!

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