Rick Boone, Rick's Bakery
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Having been in business for over 20 years, we have tried almost every decorating bag on the market. We have been using Kee-seal for over a year and have found it to be a superior product. All of my decorators love these bags. With the superior grip & strong smooth seam we feel these bags are the best decorator bags on the market period."

Olinda, Bakery Manager & Decorator
Miami, Florida

"We were using the disposable bags that came in a ... box and they split! I have had zero problems with the Kee-seal bags. Please tell headquarters we only want Kee-seal bags."

Rolf, Master Confectioner
Atlanta, Georgia

"We run a high-volume dessert production facility. We must have decorating tools that work. Kee-seal piping bags are the only disposable bags that really work. No clean up time, and we are assured of using a sterile tool. Kee-seal increases our productivity and reduces clean up time and expense. We sure don't miss canvas bags."

Raynet, Bakery Manager & Decorator
Jacksonville, Florida

"Kee-seal bags work great! We love them! We have tried other disposables from a local bakery supply company and they were slippery and burst with very little pressure."

Lee, Pastry Chef
Beverly Hills, California

"We have tried many different brands of disposable piping bags over the years, but Kee-seal pastry bags are the best disposables we have ever used."

Mary, Decorator
Ormond Beach, Florida

"When I found out the company wanted us to use a disposable bag...I said NO WAY! Then, when Kee-seal bags came in to our bakery, I noticed they were not like any other disposable I had ever seen before. Since the company required us to use them, I gave them a try. I used to be a canvas bag fanatic...Now I am a Kee-seal bag fanatic! They work GREAT and I am so GLAD to not have to clean canvas bags any more!"

New Decorating Supply Shop - Texas

"I just received the samples you sent me and WOW! They are great! I did not expect to received such a great selection of samples. Because of it I will not just be ordering a case or two of one size, I will be buying multiple cases of different sizes. I did not know that Kee-Seal had 25” bags! I use those to fill my cupcake cups and I am excited to know there is a 25” bag.  I have been using Kee-Seal bags for over 5 years now and I am very excited to be able to have these available for my customers both online and in my retail store."