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Our Award-Winning Kee-seal ULTRA has a unique patented textured surface, which makes the exterior even more gripable, even when hands become wet!

Kee-seal ULTRA is a high-quality sterile piping tool that is easy to use, and holds up all day long under high pressure!

About KEE-Seal and Its Advantages

Allan & Gunilla Ejeblad, and their team of leading plastics industry specialists, formulated a blend of specialty plastic resins, along with a unique manufacturing process, to create Award Winning Kee-seal ULTRA Disposable Piping Bags.

For over 10 years now pastry chefs, bakers, cake artists, chocolatiers and caterers around the world have been using Kee-seal Disposable Piping Bags.
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Featured Testimonial

New Decorating Supply Shop - Texas

"I just received the samples you sent me and WOW! They are great! I did not expect to received such a great selection of samples. Because of it I will not just be ordering a case or two of one size, I will be buying multiple cases of different sizes. I did not know that Kee-Seal had 25” bags! I use those to fill my cupcake cups and I am excited to know there is a 25” bag.  I have been using Kee-Seal bags for over 5 years now and I am very excited to be able to have these available for my customers both online and in my retail store."